CaptPoopypants is an Engineer, Medic and Light Assault trooper for the New Conglomerate and part time vehicle gunner.

Born Poolage "Poopy" Pants, son of noted waste engineer Crapwick Pants and astrophysicist Derphina Short (Dr. Derphina Short-Pants).

Poolage, or Poopy, was given a fine education, becoming both a medical doctor and engineer. Raised with wealth and privilege, Poolage saw himself as an avid hunter/gentleman adventurer who went off to space with dreams of grandeur but got something else entirely.

Now, like everyone, he's trapped fighting on an alien world, never to return to his kin or find a no latrines can be found on the planet forcing Poopy to rely on his "Nanite Systems W.A.R. Diaper" (W.aste A.uto R.ecycler). No fine meals, but ration packs, no beds, no comfort ...just endless war.

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