New Conglomerate



Favorite class

Engineer/Heavy Assault


422nd Squad

Outfit Rank


Battle Rank



New Conglomerate only



Luneste Edit

Luneste is a hardworking Engineer of the New Conglomerate team on Briggs. Mostly residing in a tank with her sister, Selendah, she strives to demolish the competition.

However, when she is outside of a tank, she usually sports around a Carbine, mainly the Gauss Compact-S, but other weapons are sometimes found to be used for various Directive reasons.

She is almost known to shit talk other factions, but she is very unlikely to start them in the first place.

Background Edit

When Luneste was young she and Selendah were oppressed by the Terran Republic forces. She and Selendah ran away.

A very notable part of their escape was Luneste and Selendah taking a TR Prowler out of the base. It's also noted Luneste was poking out the top waving as they left. When the New Conglomerate saw their ability to work as a team, they welcomed them almost ceremoniously.

Luneste does talk a lot about a game called "Stardew Valley", in which no evidence has been gathered as to what "Stardew Valley" is, besides the noted opinion that it's "A game that's very very old, but is amazing"

Starships Edit

Eventually, Luneste and Selendah were sent to Auraxis, a place almost blooming with minerals. It wasn't until way later that they met CasualJerry, and recruited him into the 422nd.

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