Nikolai Kuznetsov




New Conglomerate

Battle Rank:

55 - Agent

Combat Role:

Field Engineer


73rd Combined Arms Battalion

Outfit Rank:


This isn't the life I asked for, but it's the one I've got and by god I'm going to make the best of it. - Nikolai Kuznetsov

Nikolai Edit

Nikolai Demitriyevich Kuznetsov is a field engineer actively serving in the New Conglomerate armed forces. He and Olexi Petrov act as the leaders of the 73rd Combined Arms Battalion. Both men were previously members of the Terran Republic, but were forced to flee after being branded as traitors.

Career in the Terran Republic Edit

Nikolai hails from a long line of military men and had always dreamed of enlisting in the Republic's military. He was eventually able to convince his childhood friend, Olexi Petrov, to join along side him and signed up. Nikolai was very happy with his decision to enlist and quickly began rising the ranks. Despite this, he was uncertain of whether the Republic was handling the conflict on Auraxis correctly. He wasn't as sceptical as Olexi, and often felt his friend was over thinking their situation, but felt uneasy all the same.

Banishment from the Republic Edit

On August 29, 2847 Nikolai Kuznetsov and Olexi Petrov were both forced to abandon the Terran Republic once and for all. While clearing out any surviving New Conglomerate soldiers after capturing Indar Nikolai and his commanding officer stumbled upon Olexi tending to an enemy's wounds. The officer ordered Olexi to kill the soldier, but he refused. Outraged by this the officer snapped and deemed Olexi a traitor, claiming a summary execution was in order. Olexi, who had left his gun on the other side of the room, was defenseless and was sure to be killed if it were not for Nikolai's intervention. Nikolai quickly pulled out his TX1 pistol and killed his commanding officer, saving his friend and dooming his military career. The three men; Nikolai, Olexi, and the Conglomerate soldier, fled into the desert and hid for several days until the NC could return to the continent.