VelvetAlley - Planetside 1






Keepers of Johari


Light Assault

Lost in the shuffle of the massive Terran Army, the solider only known by code name VelvetAlley, went AWOL shortly after the massive Vanu Revolt that splintered into the Vanu Sovereignty.

The emotional trauma of revolution, friend verses friend, and the reality of never returning to Earth, VelvetAlley escaped into the solitude of the Auraxian cavern Supai.  Escaping to the surface from time to time for food and water, the quiet nature of that cavern was conducive to meditation, reflection, and the eventual resolve to join the Terran Rebel Faction: Vanu Sovereignty.

While within Supai, Velvet was exposed to the ancient alien technology that once thrived and covered this beautiful planet.  Through investigation and a lot of speculation, she believed that the only chance for a peaceful resolution to the rebellion was the acceptance of isolation and the technology discovered here.


Auraxis was home, the Terran Republic's hope to stifle the curiosity to discover that new home seemed ridiculous.  The government they represent was gone.  The TR Army was only the strong arm of that government.  The nations diplomatic and judicial systems were gone, disconnected.  To live under martial law as seen fit by a group of military commanders was not an acceptable solution to their very permanent problem.

Coming to these conclusions, Velvet emerged from the solitude of Supai, and enlisted with the Vanu Sovereignty.